The touchy subject, right? I know first hand how hard it is to battle acne because I personally battled stage 4 (the worst of the worst). From the thoughts I felt about myself and the comments I heard from others, it became my biggest insecurity. This is what solidified that I wanted to help others to never feel as low as I felt about my skin. In hopes to help people out there, I have put together 5 ways to clear up your acne.

1- ASK A PROFESSIONAL- Block out all the paid celebrity advertisements that are out there. A company can spend millions on that 30 minute informercial and if they have to go to that extreme, it is probably not the best for you. Right!? So, seek out an esthetician in your area! This is what we go to school for. Any esthetician would jump at the chance to teach someone a little about skin and make some recommendations. Skin is as unique as the person and that face to face consultation can truly make the difference.  

2- INVEST IN YOUR PRODUCT- There is a reason that a 4 dollar cleanser is a 4 dollar cleanser. That product might have a pinch of some great ingredients, but gets drowned out by cheap fillers. Cheaply bought = Cheaply made (think McDonalds). Invest in yourself and your skin will thank you.

3- SIMPLIFY- I know how it goes, you splurge on the newest "miracle product" and before you know it, you have 20+ under your sink that you have maybe used once. Problem: when you DO end up pulling them out, using different brands in some cases can be too much for your skin to take in drastically. Ingredients can also counteract with each other sending your skin into haywire. So, skip the clutter and stick to a regimen. Your significant other will be happy when they can actually see the bathroom counter and you will be happy when you start to see changes in your skin. WIN WIN. 

4- BE CONSISTENT- I cannot say this enough! Once your skin can start to adjust to the quality products you are using, that is where changes are made. *This is also why step 3 is so important; a 27 step regimen isn't always the most convenient thing, so find something that you can stick to.  

5- MOISTURIZER IS YOUR FRIEND- Whether you have oily or dry acne, DO NOT SKIP THE MOISTURIZER. They are meant to help your acid mantle regulate your oil production (see 'Why Soap Ages Us'). A quality moisturizer will not make you feel oily, yet it will protect your skin from the bacteria that is causing your acne; And keeps you lookin' your age as a plus!


Small changes can make the biggest difference! There are thousands of products out there, so keep in mind: your skin type, your environment conditions, and your ending goal.  Take this as an invitation to send me your questions. I also offer a free consultation at my salon,  so click 'Book Now' to reserve your spot! 

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