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Clearing Up Acne...

The touchy subject, right? I know first hand how hard it is to battle acne because I personally battled stage 4 (the worst of the worst). From the thoughts I felt about myself and the comments I heard from others, it became my biggest insecurity. This is what solidified that I wanted to help others to never feel as low as I felt about my skin. In hopes to help people out there, I have put together 5 ways to clear up your acne.

1- ASK A PROFESSIONAL- Block out all the paid celebrity advertisements that are out there. A company can spend millions on that 30 minute informercial and if they have to go to that extreme, it is probably not the best for you. Right!? So, seek out an esthetician in your area! This is what we go to school for. Any esthetician would jump at the chance to teach someone a little about skin and make some recommendations. Skin is as unique as the person and that face to face consultation can truly make the difference.  

2- INVEST IN YOUR PRODUCT- There is a reason that a 4 dollar cleanser is a 4 dollar cleanser. That product might have a pinch of some great ingredients, but gets drowned out by cheap fillers. Cheaply bought = Cheaply made (think McDonalds). Invest in yourself and your skin will thank you.

3- SIMPLIFY- I know how it goes, you splurge on the newest "miracle product" and before you know it, you have 20+ under your sink that you have maybe used once. Problem: when you DO end up pulling them out, using different brands in some cases can be too much for your skin to take in drastically. Ingredients can also counteract with each other sending your skin into haywire. So, skip the clutter and stick to a regimen. Your significant other will be happy when they can actually see the bathroom counter and you will be happy when you start to see changes in your skin. WIN WIN. 

4- BE CONSISTENT- I cannot say this enough! Once your skin can start to adjust to the quality products you are using, that is where changes are made. *This is also why step 3 is so important; a 27 step regimen isn't always the most convenient thing, so find something that you can stick to.  

5- MOISTURIZER IS YOUR FRIEND- Whether you have oily or dry acne, DO NOT SKIP THE MOISTURIZER. They are meant to help your acid mantle regulate your oil production (see 'Why Soap Ages Us'). A quality moisturizer will not make you feel oily, yet it will protect your skin from the bacteria that is causing your acne; And keeps you lookin' your age as a plus!


Small changes can make the biggest difference! There are thousands of products out there, so keep in mind: your skin type, your environment conditions, and your ending goal.  Take this as an invitation to send me your questions. I also offer a free consultation at my salon,  so click 'Book Now' to reserve your spot! 

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Why Soap Ages Us...

This is going to be a quick one for my lovely "soap users"... you may hate me by the end of it. 

Since the beginning of my career I have been baffled by how clients cringe with the thought of putting Suave on their hair, but continue to use bar soap for their skin care. I get it; its a cheap one-step cleansing that can make your skin feel squeaky clean but what damage is it doing?

Because soap is Alkaline (think 8th grade science class) and our skin is slightly Acidic it deprives your skin from the oil it needs. Anyone who knows me, knows how I LOVE my analogies. It is how I work and how I understand things. So, think of your skin as a car. If you stripped your engine of all the oil it needs you would probably not make it to the closest 7-11. One thing I hate the most is how oil has been impersonated as the enemy. "oil-free" has been slapped on numerous products to catch your eye at the grocery store. In reality, oil isn't always bad.

Our skin needs oil for 3 reasons:

-To protect it; Our Acid Mantle (thin oil layer) acts as a barrier from: bacteria, anything environmental, the makeup we put on our skin, and everything in between.

-It keeps us young; over drying your skin causes our acid mantle to be broken down. What that means is, those wrinkles that have been creepin' for years finally made their big debut. HELLO BOTOX. 

-It calms oil production; When you over dry your skin, your body will naturally try to compensate with an over production of oil. Talk about adding to the problem!! Now, not only do you have your dry flaky skin, but now you have an over production of oil underneath. You know those bumps that aren't quite zits? Yeah.

To recap, soap strips your acid mantle, drying out your skin which promotes aging. My recommendation? Invest in yourself and invest in your skincare. I promise you that high quality cleanser and moisturizer is a lot less expensive than a face lift and botox in 10 years. Here's to looking 30 when you are 40! 




Where to start?

Well let's get friendly shall we? My name is Alyssa, and I am the owner of Ero Edge. When thinking about starting this blog I got so hung up on what I thought it should be, based on other blogs that I have read and followed in the past years, that I had lost sight of one thing. A great friend of mine told me "be you." How simple is that? A lot easier said than done when you have so many awesome people out there to envy. But sometimes thats where you start. So here I am, "being me" and stuff. I currently reside in Salt Lake City and I am passionate about the beauty industry. Simply put, it has changed my life. Who knew that it was possible to love your work this much? I am a Master Esthetician and opened Ero Edge last year. From my website I hope you gathered that I love me some brows and I am extremely passionate about skin care. I wanted to start this blog to talk about everything; no limits. I wanted to reach people on a larger level because I hope to maybe answers some questions, light a fire, inspire confidence, or simply give you some reading material. So thank you, whoever you are, and I hope you stick around.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
— Dr. Suess